AccessoryHappy AH Universal Heavy Duty Cell Phone Carrying Lanyard Leash Neck Strap Tether Holder Quick Release Buckle Smart Cell Holder Case for iPhone, Galaxy & Most Smartphone Black

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The easiest and the most efficient way to carry your smart cell phone and Smartphone lanyard case. The detachable lanyard for phone is a durable and comfortable strap that you wear around your neck and you can easily attach your cell phone or phone. Our unique silicone holder carrier design allows you to carry ID, credit card, and cash handy. 
  • Universal Smartphone Neck Strap is the perfect solution for anyone who needs to keep his or her phone secure and protected while also making it immediately accessible. From nurses and other healthcare professionals to nature photographers, sports fans, this is the perfect solution.
  • Smart Phone Lanyard can be worn as a necklace, wrist strap or attached to a belt loop, purse, backpack or zipper. The neck strap is comfortable to wear while extra strong lightweight silicone phone holder provides a secure carrying solution to prevent drops
  • Convenient Card Holder System: Unique design allows you to carry ID, credit card, and cash handy
  • Our newly deigned phone silicone no longer blocks camera (LEFT OR MIDDLE Camera) of all phones. It also won't interfere with side buttons on some latest phone models.
  • Compatible with ALL smart phones & iPods (for iPhone / iPod /Samsung Galaxy Note / LG / Nokia & More)